April 26, 2022 WILMU Webinar Series: Immigrant Survivors and Their Children: Assisting Survivors With Immigration Case Filings and Anticipating Issues In Preparation for Court

Webinar Description

Victims of domestic violence are subjected to many forms of coercive
control and abuse. Immigrant victims have unique needs and concerns that distinguish them
from non-immigrant victims. Human services professionals need to be aware of the complex
issues when working with immigrant victims of domestic violence. This webinar will explore
the unique needs of immigrant victims, focus on the increased likelihood of domestic violence
when immigration status is an issue, identify what kinds of perpetrator control tactics to expect
in these types of cases, and discuss how to protect and prepare the victim. Federal protections for
immigrant victims, such as the U visa, VAWA self-petitions, and VAWA confidentiality
protections, will be discussed and analyzed.

Session Objective:

Learn the complicated overlay that immigration status plays in a domestic violence case and how to improve outcomes for immigrant survivors by qualifying survivors for both state and federal relief.

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