December 12-16, 2016: New Orleans, LA: “OVW Grantee Training: Addressing Culture: Systemic Responses to Underserved Immigrant Populations”

All materials on this page were presented as part of our December 2016 conference: “Addressing Culture: Systematic Responses to Underserved Immigrant Populations.” Documents are listed under the workshop or plenary with which they are associated.

Training Materials

Opening Plenary: How to Use Culture, Religion and the Law for Survivor Safety and Justice

Plenary II: Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, and Stalking on Campus: When Foreign-born Students are Victims

Plenary III: Language Access: Compliance Requirements and Complying with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Plenary IV: Justice System Responses to Immigration Status, Gender, and Culture

Workshop Session 1A: Culture in the Courtroom: A Judicial Perspective

Workshop Session 1B: Anticipating and Protecting Immigrant Survivors’ Privacy Interests

Workshop Session 1C: Identifying the Best Immigration Options for Your Client: Safety, Benefits, and Economic Security

Workshop Session 2A: Exploring Social, Cultural and Faith Communities as Allies and Barriers for Sexual Assault Survivors

Workshop Session 2B: Language Access and Law Enforcement: The Why and How in Improving and Increasing Language Accessible Resources for Law Enforcement

Workshop Session 2C: Advanced Immigration: Best Practices for Complex U Visa Representation

Workshop Session 3A: Immigrant Litigants in Family Court: Advanced Custody Issues

Workshop Session 3B: Advocate’s Role in VAWA and U Visa Cases

Workshop Session 3C: Road Map to Safer Communities: The Importance of Law Enforcement and Victim Advocate Relationships

Workshop Session 4A: Creative Remedies: Obtaining Economic Support for Victims in Family Court

Workshop Session 4B: Demystifying the Supplement I-918b: Certifiers Guide to U Visa Certification Form

Workshop Session 4C: Secure Housing for Immigrant Survivors: 2016 Policies Improve Housing Access and Options