*VAWA Self-Petition: Protections for Immigrant Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Abuse by Abusive Spouses and Parents (Webinar – April 22, 2020, with Materials and Q & A Answers)

This webinar includes an overview of the basic requirements for VAWA Self-Petition. It also covers how to identify who may be eligible for VAWA Self-Petition immigration relief and how to screen and identify types of assistance that immigrant survivors qualify to receive. The presentation provides information on immigrant victim and offender dynamics, VAWA Self-Petition history, the types of VAWA Self-Petitions, and VAWA Confidentiality. 

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Training Materials
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) VAWA Self-Petition Screening Tools 
VAWA Self-Petition Screening Tools and Brochures
Eligibility for VAWA Self-Petition
Evidence List for VAWA Self-Petition
CILAP VAWA Self-Petitioner
VAWA Cuban Adjustment Act – VAWA CAA – Relevant Government Publications 
VAWA Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act – VAWA HRIFA – Relevant Goverment Publications
VAWA Nicaraguan and Central American Relief Act – VAWA NACARA – Relevant Government Publications
VAWA HRIFA , VAWA NACARA, and VAWA CAA  – Practice Tools 
VAWA Self-Petitioner Legislative History
USCIS and DOJ Memos/Guides VAWA Self-Petitioning and Government Documents
VAWA Confidentiality
VAWA Self-Petitioner Benefits Eligibility



VAWA Self-Petitioner Benefits Eligibility – Government Agencies




Online E-Learning Resources

Additional information on VAWA self-petitioning is available at: https://niwaplibrary.wcl.american.edu/topic/immigration/vawa-self-petition/

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