*Inadmissibility Comparison Charts for Crime Victim Related Forms of Immigration Relief

NIWAP has developed a series of charts that help attorneys, judges and victim advocates better understand and identify how immigration relief options for immigrant survivors differ by immigration case type. These charts also provide information about the inadmissibility grounds that apply for each type of immigration case designed specifically for victims. Some grounds of inadmissibility or deportability so not apply in crime victim cases, others are waivable, and some are bars to eligibility that cannot be waived. The charts listed here provide a guide to what could be available to adult or child immigrant clients who are survivors of abuse and/or crime.

If you are working with a clients who has a criminal history and is eligible for or has been granted a form of crime victim related immigration relief it is important that the immigrant survivor be referred to an immigration attorney with expertise in criminal immigration issues and who also has expertise on immigration relief for victims of crime and abuse.

Comparison Charts