August 25, 2020: “Addressing Issues That Arise in Family and Criminal Court Cases Involving Immigrant Survivors in the District of Columbia” (Webinar)

NIWAP, in partnership with the District of Columbia Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants, presented a virtual training on family law for Washington D.C.-based victim advocates (nonprofit or government agency), attorneys, and other professionals who encounter immigrant survivors in their work on a range of topics that affect immigrant survivors. The presentation featured retired Judge Rosemary Collins, one of NIWAP’s national judicial training experts, and Judge Julie Breslow of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

This event offered 1.5 CLE credits in Pennsylvania and Virginia.
American University Washington College of Law is an accredited provider of CLE in both jurisdictions. Please email or visit for more information.

If you are a victim advocate, attorney, judge, or other professional working with an immigrant victim and you would like to receive case specific technical assistance on family law issues that arise in cases
of immigrant crime victims, please call NIWAP for technical assistance. (202) 274-4457 or email us at

You can also visit the family law issues section of NIWAP’s web library

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Civil Protection Orders and Immigrant Victims
Economic Relief in Family Court – Child Support, Enforcement of Affidavits of Support, Spousal Support, and Other Economic Remedies
Public Benefits Access of Immigrant Victims 
Securing Attendance of a Detained Parent at Court   


Child Welfare

U Visas and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

VAWA Confidentiality, Discover, and Courthouse Enforcement

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