*Evidence Checklists For Work With Immigrant Survivors (February 11, 2017)

NIWAP has developed a number of checklists that assist attorneys and advocates working with immigrant survivors to prepare for a variety of legal cases on behalf of immigrant survivors.  Some of the following checklists are geared toward preparing to accompany a victim who will be applying for state or federal public benefits that the victim or the victim’s child are eligible to receive.  The checklists below area organized by subject matter:

Trauma Informed Interview Tool for Developing Victims’ Affidavits in VAWA Self-Petitioning and U Visa Cases

Trauma Informed Structured Interview Questionaire (SIQI)


VAWA Self Petition

VAWA Self-Petitioning Evidence Checklist

Proving Battering or Extreme Cruelty   (Including Coercive Control)

Power and Control Tactics Used Against Battered Immigrants

Documentary Evidence in VAWA Self-Petitioning Cases

VAWA Red Flags List (Tool for identifying inadmissibility issues that make VAWA self-petitioning case more complex requiring assistance from an immigration lawyer with expertise serving immigrant victims -to locate these lawyers in your state go to the NIWAP Service Provider Directory)

VAWA Cancellation of Removal and Suspension of Deportation

VAWA Cancellation Evidence Checklist

U Visa

U Visa Evidence Checklist

U Visa Helpfulness Checklist (Describes the types of evidence a victim may use to prove helpfulness)

T Visa

T Visa Evidence Checklist

Civil Protection Orders

Evidence Checklist of Battered Immigrants Seeking Civil Protection Orders

Public Benefits

Evidence Checklist for Battered Immigrants Seeking Public Benefits

Evidence Checklist for Seeking a Non-Work Social Security Number

Family Court Discovery

Types of Evidence To Collect As Part of Family Court Discovery (Issues: Abuse, Custody, Support, Property Dvision, Immigration, When There is a Criminal Case Pending)

Criminal Proceedings Against Domestic and Sexual Violence Perpetrators

List of provisions that could be included in a Bond or Criminal Release Order that are particularly helpful for immigrant vicitms

Evidence Checklists in Spanish

Evidence Checklists in Spanish For Multiple Types of Cases  (Includes evidence checklists for: VAWA self-petition; U Visa; Civil Protection Orders; Obtaining public benefits; Obtaining a non-work social security number)