June 22, 2017 “Enhancing Safety for Immigrant Survivors: Immigration Relief, Custody, Public Benefits and Family Law Protections” Providence RI

This training was held in Providence, Rhode Island on June 22, 2017. It covered a range of issues important to immigrant survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault’s legal rights including for their children. Topics included:

  • Dynamics of DV and SA experienced by immigrant victims
  • Immigration relief and protection from deportation for immigrant crime victims and immigrant children
  • Special issues that arise in protection order cases involving immigrant victims including the benefits particularly for immigrant victims of obtaining custody as part of the full 1-3 year protection order including the dangers of international parental kidnapping
  • Issues that arise in custody cases involving immigrant victims and their children
  • U visa certification by judges, law enforcement and prosecutors
  • VAWA confidentiality and family court discovery
  • Access to public benefits and government funded assistance for immigrant survivors and their children

Materials from the training:


RI State Benefits Chart

Materials Lists:

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