What Forensic Nurses, Health Care Providers, and Victim Advocates Need to Know When Working With Immigrant Sexual and Domestic Violence Survivors

If you are a forensic nurse, healthcare provider, victim advocate, attorney, judge, or other professional working with an immigrant victim and you would like to receive case-specific technical assistance on access to publically funded benefits and services that an immigrant crime victim or immigrant child would be eligible to receive in your state, please call NIWAP for technical assistance.  (202) 274-4457 or email us at info@niwap.org.  For more detailed information, you can also visit the public benefits section of NIWAP’s web library http://niwaplibrary.wcl.american.edu/topic/public-benefits/ 

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July 20, 2023

August 22, 2023

Public Benefits Interactive Maps and State Charts
Immigration Legal Rights Overviews, Brochures, Tools Chapters
Dynamics & Barriers for Immigrant & Refugee Survivors
Trauma-Informed Assistance
Resources on Stalking
Public Benefits and Services for Immigrant Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Bench Cards, Flow Charts and Evidence Check Lists

Overviews and Chapters, Multiple Benefits

Only Certain Law Enforcement and Benefits Workers Under Limited Circumstances Are Required Under Federal Law to Report Immigrants to DHS

Legal Services Corporation Funded Assistance for Immigrant Victims

Driver’s Licenses, State Funded Health Case Subsidies, TANF, Food Stamps

Health Care
Housing – Shelter and Transitional Housing
SNAP- Food Stamps
Family Law


Civil Protection Orders


Economic Relief



+ = Distributing Work By Others or By Government

** = NIWAP Not SJI