August 8, 2014: New Orleans, LA

Participants will learn and share creative strategies while focusing on a wide range of advocacy options for immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault or other crimes. Plenary sessions and workshops will provide practical tools and address the best practices to strengthen family law and custody cases, increase safety by ensuring access to public benefits, subsidized health care, VAWA confidentiality protections, and victim based immigration remedies and protection orders for immigrant survivors. Participants will also focus on how to deliver services or provide representation in a manner that promotes healing from trauma.

Opening Plenary: Improved Access to Public Benefits for All Immigrant Survivors (+)

After reading this training, you will be able to understand what forms of assistance undocumented immigrants can access, be better equipped to help immigrant survivors access LSC funded legal services, transitional housing, health care, and other services necessary to protect life and safety, and better appreciate the importance of accompanying survivors applying for benefits for their children.

Custody Part 2: VAWA Confidentiality and Family Courts (+)

A training from a conference in New Orleans on information about implementing case strategies when opposing party seeks VAWA confidentiality protected information, submitting motions, making arguments, and introducing evidence in support of a motion, and filing and winning motions.

VAWA Confidentiality: A Key to Safety Planning (+)

A training from a conference in New Orleans on information about immigration relief, using VAWA confidentiality, and advocating when violations occur.