*Training Materials: Law Enforcement (Last Updated – October 2020)

Free Training and Technical Assistance for Law Enforcement Agencies and Prosecutor’s Offices

If you would like to learn more about law enforcement and prosecutor best practices, NIWAP hosts monthly virtual Roundtables for Law Enforcement and Prosecution only to discuss challenges and topics in the field with NIWAP’s law enforcement expert faculty. Through these Roundtables, law enforcement and prosecutors share strategies and develop plans for working with immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking. Register for NIWAP’s Law Enforcement & Prosecutors Monthly Roundtable


Know Your Rights Information

Language Access

U Visa as a Crime-fighting Tool

U and T visas


Forms of Immigration Relief

Screening Tools and Collaboration

Prosecutor’s Tools Enhancing Work With Immigrant Crime Victims

VAWA Confidentiality

VAWA Self-Petition

Public Benefits

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