December 2, 2021 -NCJFCJ Legal Rights of Immigrant Child Commercial Sex Trafficking Survivors: Public Benefits, Housing, & Victim Services

Recognizing Realities of the Intersection of Immigration Law/Regulations on

State Court Cases Involving Domestic and Sexual Violence

Training Materials[1]

December 2, 2021

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Materials by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services: Office of Policy and Strategy to National Judicial Network Judges

OP&S appreciates your request for informative materials to share with the National Judicial Network. Judges and court staff may be the first to see signs of violence and are in a unique position to provide information and assistance to non-citizens who have been victims of violence, human trafficking, or certain crimes. Below we have included a list of helpful materials and the links to each resource. The Policy Manual is the agency’s centralized online repository for USCIS’ immigration policies. Judges may sign up to receive timely policy updates on the USCIS Alerts page or contact Public Engagement to participate in engagement and outreach activities.

Informative Pamphlets Appropriate for Public Distribution:

Informative Materials for Judges and Law Enforcement:

USCIS Case Data

Relevant USCIS Public Webpages or Policy Manual Chapters

Information for Afghan Nationals

NIWAP Materials

Webinars for Judges or Helpful to Judges

     Immigrant Survivors

Victims of Trauma

Immigration Law Overview for State Court Judges

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

U and T Visa Certification by Judges


Access to Public Benefits

Custody, Immigrant Survivors and Children

VAWA Confidentiality, Discovery and Courthouse Enforcement

Child Welfare Cases Involving Immigrant Families and Children

Forms of Immigration Relief

[1] This materials list includes publications issued by government agencies and materials produced by NIWAP in collaboration with national experts.  Each of the materials included in this list that was developed with support from government funders contains the relevant government agency’s disclaimers. Many of the 2012-2016 and 2020 materials on this list were developed under grants SJI 12-E-169, SJI 13-E-199, SJI 14-E-234, SJI 15-T-234, and SJI 20-E-005 from State Justice Institute. The points of view expressed are those of the authors  and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of State Justice Institute.