March 29,2017: Maryland State Bar Association Conference Family Law University Seminar

Immigration: VAWA, T Visas, U Visas

Bench Card: Overview of Types of Immigration Status 
Family Court Bench Card on Immigration Rights of Battered Spouses, Children and Immigrant Crime Victims (Print)
U Visa Certification Tool Kit for Federal, State, and Local Judges, Commissioners, and Magistrates 
Immigration Options for Victims of Crime -DHS Brochure (Print)
DHS Infographic: Protections for Immigrant Victims (Print)
DHS Infographic: Protections for Immigrant Victims – Spanish
Immigration Protection Screening Checklist 

VAWA Confidentiality and Immigration Enforcement

VAWA Confidentiality Protections for Immigrant Crime Victims in the Context of Immigration Enforcement 
Statutes and DHS Policies on VAWA Confidentiality
• Family Court Bench Card on VAWA Confidentiality

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, Child Abuse & Protective Battered Immigrant Parents

Immigration Protection Screening Checklist: Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (Print)
State Proceedings in Which Courts Can Enter Findings and Orders Needed by Children Filing for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Protections
Immigration Relief for Abused Children (brochure)
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status: Information for Juvenile Courts
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status; Information for Child Welfare Workers
Comparison Chart of VAWA, U, and SIJS  (Print)

Immigration Allegations in Custody Cases, Protection Orders, and Divorce

Family Court Bench Card on Issues that Arise in Custody Cases Involving Immigrant Parents, Children, and Crime Victims (Print)
Immigrants and Protection Orders Bench Card (Print)
Battering or Extreme Cruelty Drawing Examples from Civil Protection Orders and Family Law Cases
Bench Card on Common Issues that Arise from Parties’ Immigration Status; Economic Remedies (Print)
Immigration Status, Work Authorization, and Ability to Sponsor Children
Custody of Children in Mixed Status Families: Preventing the Misunderstanding and Misuse of Immigration Status in State-Court Custody Proceedings
How to get a Detained Person to Court for Family Court Cases Involving Children and/or Criminal Proceedings

Language Access

DOJ Letter to State Chief Justices and State Court Administrators on Access for Limited English Proficient Persons to State Court Proceedings
Judicial Bench Card for Court Interpretation

Public Benefits Access of Immigrant Victims

Public Benefits Bench Card (Print)
Access to Publicly Funded Legal Services for Battered Immigrants (Print)
Programs Open to Immigrant Victims and All Immigrants Without Regard to Immigration Status (Print)

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