Immigration Status: Work Authorization, Public Benefits, and Ability to Sponsor Children (December 30, 2021) [vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet]

This chart allows judges, lawyers and victim advocates to identify which immigrants are able to sponsor their children to attain legal immigration status in the U.S., if and when an immigrant has or will have access to work authorization, whether and when immigrants gain access to state and federal public benefits, the effect of divorce on immigration status and whether the immigrant controls their own immigration case or if they immigration case requires that the immigrant’s application for immigration relief requires a sponsor. This chart provides general answers to these questions, by the form of immigration status a noncitizen has or is pursuing and will help state courts, victim advocates and family lawyers quickly access legally correct information about how immigration laws may or may not impact parties in state family court cases. This chart also provides useful comparisons for immigration lawyers.