May 2021 Conference on Crimes Against Women “Legal Rights of Domestic and Sexual Violence Survivors: Victim Services, Public Benefits, and Housing”

May 2021

Webinar Description

This workshop will discuss the range of publicly funded victim and social services programs, legal assistance, and the wide range of services and assistance that are legally available to all victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault, regardless of immigration status. As Immigrant and Limited English Proficient (LEP) victims begin the process of applying for crime victim-based immigration relief, their access to federal and state public benefits grows. The scope of public benefits an immigrant survivor or her children are eligible to receive vary based on the form of immigration relief the survivor is pursuing, the type of benefit they need, and the state in which the survivor resides. This workshop will discuss how having legally correct information about benefits and services immigrant survivors helps law enforcement and prosecutors in their work, as well as the benefits to investigations and prosecutions when victims are able to access the help they need. The presenters will lead interactive activities to build skills to identify the benefits for which immigrant victims qualify and teach best practices for accompanying immigrant survivors applying for benefits.

Call or Email NIWAP for Technical Assistance 

If you are a law enforcement officer, prosecutor, or a system-based victim advocate or other staff working for law enforcement or prosecution agency wanting to improve your response to immigrant victims and you would like to receive case-specific technical assistance on language access requirements and immigration protections for crime victims/survivors of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and human trafficking and their children, please call NIWAP for technical assistance (202) 274-4457 or email us at  

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