Amicus Briefs by Topic

National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project (NIWAP) publishes a new amicus brief bank with over 60 drafts compiled from the 1990s to the present day. Each page includes the name and summary of the case, as well as a list of topics addressed in the brief. Topics include: VAWA Self-Petitions, VAWA Confidentiality, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, Gender-Based Asylum, The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, Federal Preemption in Immigration Law, Gender Discrimination in US Immigration Law, Family Law, Employment, Public Benefits, Trauma and U Visas.

Violence Against Women Act-VAWA Self-Petitions, Suspension of Deportation and Cancellation of Removal

VAWA Confidentiality

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

Gender-Based Asylum

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act

Federal Preemption in Immigration Law

Gender Discrimination in U.S. Immigration Laws

Family Law

Employment and Immigrants

Public Benefits Access for Immigrants

Trauma, Testimony, and Child Brain Development

Trauma, Testimony, and Adult Victims

U Visa