*Pro Bono Training Institute “U Visa” Training Module

Pro Bono Training Institute “U Visa” Training Module

In collaboration with the Pro Bono Training Institute, NIWAP has created online training modules to assist individuals and attorneys with filing U Visa applications.

You will need to register for a free PBTI account to complete the module.

  • U Visa Introduction
  • U Visa Requirements
  • U Visa Applicaiton
  • Overview of U Visa Certification
  • How to Show Eligibility
  • Range of Certifiers
  • Screening for Inadmissability
  • Determining Helpfulness and Reasonableness
  • Applying for Waivers of Inadmissability

NIWAP has also created a training module with PBTI on VAWA Self-Petitions: https://niwaplibrary.wcl.american.edu/pbti-vawa-training/