*Family Law Community of Practice

Family Law Community of Practice

This Community of Practice (COP) is designed to facilitate learning between family law practitioners with diverse experiences and national experts to address common and recurring problems faced by immigrant survivors and their children in family court. Family law practitioners and expert faculty will engage in joint discussions and activities that will include sharing stories, tools, resources, experiences, strategies, problem-solving, and best practices; building relationships that enable participants with varying levels of expertise to learn from each other how to better represent immigrant survivors in family court cases. This COP is designed to develop and sustain ongoing learning opportunities to gain insights and feedback, access tools and resources, and build relationships with colleagues in similar roles across the country.

If you want to join NIWAP’s Family Law Community of Practice, sign up to join here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FamCOP2023

Upcoming Meetings

June 11th, 1 pm-2 pm ET/10 am – 11 am PT

July 18th, 1 pm-2 pm ET/10 am – 11 am PT

August 15th, 1 pm-2 pm ET/10 am – 11 am PT

September TBD

October 15th, 1 pm-2 pm ET/10 am – 11 am PT

November 12th, 1 pm-2 pm ET/10 am – 11 am PT