June 20, 2019: “Part 3: Legal Protections When Child Victims Are Immigrants: The Judge’s Role” (Webinar)

“Legal Protections When Child Victims Are Immigrants: The Judge’s Role”

June 20, 2019

Training Materials:

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Technical Assistance Flyer:

NIWAP’s  Technical Assistance Flyer describes the technical assistance and training offered to support advocates, attorneys, judges, police, prosecutors, and other professionals in their work with immigrant women, children, and crime victims.

Immigration Relief for Immigrant Crime Victims and Immigrant Children

Know Your Rights Information

Forms of Immigration Relief

VAWA Self-Petition and Battered Spouse Waiver
Abused Spouses of Work Visa Holders
U Visas
T Visas
Child and Student Victims
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
Immigration Issues in State Court Cases Involving Immigrant Children and Their Parents

Immigration Allegations in Custody Cases

Immigrant Children and Child Welfare Proceedings

Securing Attendance of a Detained Parent at Court

U Visa Certification and State Court Discovery

Criminal Cases

Family and Civil Court Discovery

Public Benefits

Interactive Maps and State Charts

Bench Cards
Tools and Training Materials
Legal Services Corporation Funded Assistance for Immigrant Victims
Health Care

Shelter and Transitional Housing

Public and Assisted

Webinars for Courts