August 2023 – Workshop 4A – Interviewing Survivors: Trauma-Informed Techniques

PowerPoint Presentation

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This workshop discusses how trauma plays a role in all aspects of a client’s case and the benefits of trauma-informed collaborations between law enforcement officers, victim advocates, and attorneys to improve outcomes for immigrant victims in legal matters. Participants will learn trauma-informed interviewing skills when working with immigrant survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking and how to develop a trauma-informed approach to legal advocacy to improve case outcomes and increase access to justice. The workshop will guide on how to be trauma-informed when preparing survivors to testify and participate in interviews with law enforcement, lawyers, and advocates.


  • Cannon Han, Senior Program Manager, Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence
  • Edna Yang, Co-Executive Director, American Gateways
  • Rocio Molina, Deputy Director, NIWAP
  • Norma Mendoza, Multicultural Program Director, Cherokee Family Violence Center