*NIWAP Newsletter – September 2014: First Newsletter

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NIWAP Newsletter • First Newsletter • September 2014

Welcome to the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project (NIWAP, pronounced new-app) newsletter!

The NIWAP staff are excited to launch our monthly newsletter. This newsletter will provide you with up to date information about legal protections, policy changes, and other developments as they pertain to immigrant women, children and immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, child abuse, elder abuse, stalking and other crimes. This newsletter will also provide information what is happening at NIWAP: events we’re hosting, training materials we’re publishing, research we are undertaking, reports were are issuing and more. Throughout this and our future newsletters you will find links to: statutes, government policies and regulations, legislative history, training manuals, materials, toolkits, and other relevant information to better assist you in your work. Please forward this newsletter to others in your community who are interested in issues affecting immigrant crime victims, women, and children. (If you did not receive this newsletter from NIWAP directly, you may subscribe here.) Feel free to contact NIWAP (info@niwap.org or 202-247-4457) with any questions. Thank you for the work you are doing! We look forward to supporting your work with immigrant survivors, women and children and working in partnership with your organization.

Leslye Orloff
Director, NIWAP


In this Issue:


More Great Resources Available at NIWAP Web Library:

The Resource Library and Technical Assistance Center provides timely information on a vast array of topics of interest to those working across the country to help immigrant victims, women and children. The wide range of materials includes legislative history, training manuals, toolkits, sample briefs and motions, factsheets, practice tools, research reports, benchcards, tools for law enforcement, and government policies and regulations. This searchable library of resources is designed to be used by OVW grantees and other advocates, attorneys, judges and service providers.

We’re on Youtube & Twitter:

NIWAP has its own YouTube channel. New to an issue? Access NIWAP training videos 24/7. We have posted our recent webinars. Topics include “Training for Advocates and Attorneys on Trauma-Informed Work with Immigrant Women”, “Obtaining U Visa Certification from Judges,” “An Introduction of Law Enforcement to the U Visa,” and “Law Enforcement and Advocates Partnering to Serve Immigrant Crime Victims.” These videos are helpful for new and seasoned immigrant advocates, attorneys, law enforcement, judges, court staff, and students. To view other materials from these webinars, visit the NIWAP library for training materials.

Follow @NIWAP_WCL on twitter to receive interesting and relevant updates.

Find Professional Resources in your Area via our Directory

NIWAP’s directory of service providers offers a nationwide list of programs in your state and community that have expertise working with immigrant victims, women and children. Use our directory to make referrals and find assistance for immigrant crime victims. You can search by location, language, and organization type. Be sure to check that your organization is listed and all of your information is accurate. With your assistance, we can create a comprehensive list of where immigrant victims can turn to for help when in need.

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