February 11, 2015: Miami, FL “U Visa and Crime Scene Language Access Best Practices”

Training on the use of the U visa and crime scene language access best practices to improve law enforcement’s and prosecutors’ work with immigrant and limited English proficient (LEP) victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Best Practices: Immigrant Crime Victims, Language Access and the U Visa (Miami, FL)

  • Agenda
  • Faculty Bios
  • Slideshow: Best Practices: Immigrant Crime Victims, Language Access and the U Visa

Law enforcement and U Visa Certification materials:

Training Manual for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors: Training manual for law enforcement and prosecutors on U visa certification and language access. Includes the U Visa Certification Toolkit.

  • The Importance of the U-Visa as a Crime-Fighting Tool for Law Enforcement Officials – Views from Around the Country
  • U-Visa Toolkit for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors
  • U-Visa Certification Toolkit for Federal, State, and Local Judges and Magistrates
  • U Visa “Helpfulness” Checklist
  • Assessing Helpfulness: Hypothetical Case Scenarios Part I and Part II
  • Screening for Victims Who Qualify for Immigration Protective Relief
  • DHS: Immigration Relief for Victims of Human Trafficking and Other Crimes — Information for Law Enforcement Officials
  • U Visa Certifications: Range of Potential Certifiers at the Local, State, and Federal Government Levels

Limited English Proficiency and Interpreters: