*The Center on Immigration and Child Welfare

Parental Interest Directive materials from the Center on Immigration and Child Welfare’s site contains links to the following resources:

Applying the ICE Parental interest Directive to Child Welfare Cases

Facilitating Parental interests in the Course of Civil Immigration Enforcement Activities

FAQs on the Parental Interests Directive

Parental Interests Directive Fact Sheet

How to Get a Detained Person to Court for Family Court Cases Involving Children and/or Criminal Proceedings

ICE Points of Contact for Implementation of the Parental Interests Directive

First Focus Fact Sheet

Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) Summary

ICE’s Parental Interests Directive: Helping Families Caught Between the Immigration and Child Welfare Systems

Guide for Detained and Removed Parents with Child Custody Concerns

What If I’m Picked Up By I.C.E. In Arizona? Making A Family Plan: Preparing For the Possibility of Being Detained, Deported, and Separated from Your Children

¿Y Qué Si Me Agarra Y Me Arresta El I.C.E. en Arizona? Desarollando un Plan de Familia: Una Guia de Preparación de Familia Contra la Posibilidad de Estar Detenido, o Ser Deportado, y Quedar Separado de Sus Hijos/as


CICW Parental Interest Directive Materials