Judiciary of Hawaii and Center for Justice Innovation Webinar: Immigration Issues in Family Court (January 12, 2024)

PowerPoint Presentation

State Justice Institute (SJI) and National Judicial Network Training Materials (Last Updated December 5, 2023)


This course will provide a more in-depth discussion of what Hawaii judges need to know to fairly adjudicate family court cases that involve noncitizen litigants, parents and children applying legally accurate information about immigration law. Faculty will provide an overview of the most common immigration law related issues that arise in family court cases and will discuss how acceding legally correct immigration law information helps judges improve just and fair outcomes for litigants, crime victims, and children.  Topics to be covered include what family court judges need to know about immigration law issue when hearing custody, protection order, divorce, child support and child welfare cases and ruling on discovery motions in a manner that is consistent with federal Violence Against Women Act confidentiality laws. Attendees receive up-to-date training material, resources and tools that judges and courts can turn to as issues arise. Participants will also learn about judge-to-judge technical assistance available on the intersection of federal immigration laws and state family laws.