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Welcome to the Conference Materials Hub! Here, you can conveniently access all the PowerPoint presentations, resources, and materials for each Workshop and Plenary. Whether you attended the event in person or if you’re just looking to explore the topics and insights presented during the conference, this webpage is designed to continue helping you better serve immigrant survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.


Plenary I- Investigating and Prosecuting Stalking Cases Involving Immigrant Victims

Plenary II – Improving Access to Justice Through Language Access for Immigrant Victims

Plenary III – Improving Safety for Communities, Officers and Immigrant Survivors: Focusing on Primary Aggressor Determinations

Plenary IV – The Why and How of Relationship Building Among Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, Courts, and Immigrant Victim’s Advocates

Workshops 1st Session

1A. Police Officers as Witnesses in Domestic Violence Prosecutions and Family Court Litigation

1B. Protecting Immigrant Survivors and their Children: Identifying the Best Immigration Options for Your Client

1C. Representing Immigrant and LEP Litigants in Custody Cases: Advanced Custody

Workshops 2nd Session

2A. Offender-Focused Prosecutions and Criminal Investigations in Cases of Immigrant Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence

2B. Improving Access to the Public Benefits Safety Net and Victims of Crime Act Compensation for Immigrant Survivors

2C. Identifying, Safety Planning, and Litigating Stalking in Family Law Cases

Workshops 3rd Session

3A. Collaborative Approaches and Effective Outreach Strategies for Serving Immigrant and Limited English Proficient (LEP) Victims

3B. VAWA Confidentiality’s Impact on Discovery in Family and Criminal Court Cases

3C. Advanced Immigration Law Issues in Cases Involving Immigrant Survivors

Workshops 4th Session

4A. Interviewing Survivors: Trauma-Informed Techniques

4B. Electronic Evidence in Domestic Violence Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions and in Family Court Domestic Violence Cases

4C. U Visa Helpfulness and Certification

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