July 17, 2023 Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota – U and T Visas for Immigrant Victims of Crime and Trafficking: Best Practices in Responding to, Investigating and Prosecuting Cases Involving Immigrant Crime Victims — including Cases of Domestic and Sexual Violence

PowerPoint Presentation

In-Person Training Recording (July 17, 2023)


Immigrant victims of crime are often reluctant to call police for help or to participate in the criminal justice process. In cases involving domestic and sexual violence the barriers are compounded, as victims often face immigration-related abuse and threats of deportation.

This training will provide law enforcement, prosecutors, and system-based advocates with information on the U and T visa programs, including how these programs enhance victim and community safety by increasing victim participation in the criminal justice process and ultimately holding offenders accountable. 

You will learn what you can do when you receive requests for certification in the context of victim and offender dynamics, as well as pretrial and trial strategies to counter common defenses in cases involving immigrant victims of crime.


  • Officer Michael LaRiviere, Salem MA Police Dept. 
  • Leslye Orloff, NIWAP, Director 
  • Jane Anderson, AEquitas, Senior Attorney Advisor 
  • Tara Patet, Supervising Attorney, St. Paul Attorneys’ Office 

If you are a law enforcement officer, prosecutor, or a victim advocate or other staff working for a law enforcement or prosecution agency and are working with immigrant victims and you would like to receive case specific technical assistance on immigration protections for immigrant survivors of domestic and sexual violence victims and their children, please call NIWAP (National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project) for technical assistance at (202) 274-4457 or email us at info@niwap.org

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Law Enforcement, Prosecutor and Systems-Based Victim Advocate Podcast Series

For law enforcement and prosecutors on best practices and special issues that arise in working with immigrant victims. Includes discussions with law enforcement and prosecutor experts on the U visa and the T visa.

NIWAP’s Technical Assistance for Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and Systems-Based Victim Advocates

Forms of Immigration Relief and Screening Tools

Know Your Rights Information

Glossary of Terms for Work with Immigrant Survivors

Prosecutor’s Tools Enhancing Work with Immigrant Crime Victims

Department of Homeland Security Publications

Violence against Women Act (VAWA), U Visa and T Visa Legislative History

U and T Visas



U Visa as a Crime-Fighting Tool

State U and T Visa Certification Laws


Other States

VAWA Confidentiality

Language Access

Language Access Resources for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors from Technical Assistance Providers


VAWA Self-Petition

Public Benefits for Systems-Based and Other Victim Advocates

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