*Family Law Service of Process and Jurisdiction Requirements Charts

The Family Law Service of Process and Jurisdiction Requirement charts can be used to identify who needs to be served by family court case type and the full range of ways that service can be accomplished. In cases that involve a parent or other family member who needs to be served who resides abroad or in another state these charts will assist courts in ensuring that either personal services or alternative service is accomplished in a timely manner so that the court has jurisdiction to proceed. This is important a all types of family court cases in which courts are making placements and custody determinations in the bests interests of children. These charts are helpful in a wide array of family court matters, particularly in cases in which immigrant children are seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) findings, in custody cases where child abuse or domestic violence are occurring, and cases involving children, including immigrant children, who may be victims of human trafficking.

A Guide to Family Law Service of Process and Jurisdiction Requirements Charts

This information is also collected and published by state: All State Family Law Jurisdiction and Service of Process Charts

For an overview of state service of process and a discussion of international service of process options see also “Service of Process in State Court in Cases Seeking Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Findings (December 29, 2017)

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