June 27, 2018: “VAWA Confidentiality and Protections for Rural Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence with Praxis” (Webinar)

This webinar provides and overview of the forms of immigration relief available to immigrant victims of domestic violence and specifically provides training for victim advocates and attorneys working in rural communities. This webinar discusses screening and eligibility for VAWA self-petition, T Visas, U Visas, and SIJS immigration relief. The webinar emphasizes the role victim advocates can play in helping immigrant victims file for VAWA and the T and U Visa and discusses special VAWA Confidentiality protections from deportation that victims receive after filing.

Technical Assistance Flyer:

NIWAP’s  Technical Assistance Flyer describes the technical assistance and training offered to support advocates, attorneys, judges, police, prosecutors, and other professionals in their work with immigrant women, children, and crime victims.

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Training Materials
Know Your Rights
Forms of Immigration Relief
Screening Tools
Access to Justice and Crime Victim Protections
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, Child Abuse & Protective Battered Immigrant Parents

Full Training Manual

SIJS Bench Book Table of Contents

SIJS Training Materials

U and T Visa Certification

Forms and Instructions

VAWA Confidentiality

Bench Cards

VAWA Confidentiality Statutes, Regulations, and Policies:

Training Materials

Statute, Regulations, Policies, and DHS Publications

VAWA Confidentiality and Courthouse Enforcement Policies

VAWA Confidentiality and State Court Discovery


Criminal Court Cases Involving Immigrant Victims
VAWA Self-Petition
Human Trafficking
Language Access
 Family Law Cases: Special Issues for Immigrant Crime Victims and Children


Child Development and Trauma

Securing a Detained Parent’s Participation in Court Proceedings Involving Children

Protection Orders

Economic Relief

Child Abuse, Neglect, Child Welfare, and Termination of Parental Rights

Immigrant Children and Child Welfare Proceedings

Public Benefits and Access of Immigrant Victims 

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