Peer-to-Peer Opportunities: Communities of Practices and Roundtable

Join our Peer-to-Peer Learning Communities

NIWAP runs several Roundtables and Communities of Practice that provide opportunities for peer-to-peer learning that meet virtually several times a year with others from across the country working in your profession serving immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and human trafficking. For each membership is limited to that profession. Please join and encourage others in your community to join:

Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Roundtables

NIWAP offers Virtual Roundtables peer-to-peer learning opportunities exclusively for officials and staff working for law enforcement and prosecution agencies to sign up go to:

NIWAP’s roundtables are led by law enforcement and prosecutor faculty, offer an opportunity for peer to peer learning, can be joined on-line of by conference call, and provide ongoing training and technical assistance to officers and staff at law enforcement and prosecution agencies. When you sign up you choose the list exclusively open to staff working at law enforcement and prosecution agencies. You can also elect to sign up for NIWAP’s general outreach list to receive notices of trainings, webinars, new materials, resources and policies.

Communities of Practice (COP)

Family Law Attorneys

This Community of Practice (COP) is designed to facilitate learning between family law practitioners with diverse experiences and national experts to address common and recurring problems faced by immigrant survivors and their children in family court. Family law practitioners and expert faculty will engage in joint discussions and activities that will include sharing stories, tools, resources, experiences, strategies, problem solving and best practices; building relationships that enable participants with varying levels of expertise to learn from each other how to better represent immigrant survivors in family court cases. This COP is designed to develop and sustain ongoing learning opportunities to gain insights and feedback, access tools and resources, and build relationships with colleagues in similar roles across the country. Sign up to join here:

Victim Advocates

This is a unique peer-to-peer learning opportunity for victim advocates to share stories, challenges, successes, resources, and safety planning strategies to better support immigrant survivors. This is the only Community of Practice in the country providing support and assistance to victim advocates working with immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, elder abuse and/or child abuse. Systems-based victim advocates and other victim advocates working for law enforcement and prosecution agencies are encouraged to join NIWAP’s Victim Advocate Community of Practice. Sign up to join here:

National Judicial Network (NJN)

The NJN provides a forum for judges to engage in peer-to-peer learning forums with judges from across
the country, participate in webinars and communicate with other judges in a members-only
confidential email group. NJN members have access to topic-specific publications and can attend in-person trainings on issues that arise in state courts involving human trafficking and immigrant victims. NJN forums and webinars are intended to help judges learn more about these complicated issues and,
consequently improve access to justice for human trafficking and immigrant victims of domestic
violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and other crimes.
Find the outreach letter here: National Judicial Network
To join judges and judicial officers may register here: