Oct. 12, 2018: Washington, DC “Immigration – Domestic Violence Effects on Victims and Perpetrators” D.C. Superior Court

This workshop is part of the Family Court of the District of Columbia Superior Court Sixteenth Annual Interdisciplinary Conference.


  • Victoria Hernandez, J.D., Staff Attorney – Domestic Violence/Family Law Unit, Ayuda
  • Cynthia Henning, J.D., Direct Representation AttorneyKids in Need of Defense (KIND)
  • Cecelia Freidman Levin, J.D., Senior Policy Counsel ASISTA
  • Leslye E. Orloss, J.D., Director of the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy ProjectAmerican University Washington College of Law 


  • Kimberley Cruz, J.D. Family Court Supervisory AttorneySuperior Court of the District of Columbia 
Training Materials
Public Benefits & Resources
Immigration Relief for Crime Victims and Children: Know Your Rights Information
Forms of Immigration Relief
Social Science Research on Immigrant Victims
Public Benefits Access of Immigrant Victims
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
U and T Visa Certification
VAWA Confidentiality
Criminal Court Discovery
Family Law Cases: Special Issues for Immigrant Crime Victims and Children
Protection Orders
Child Abuse, Neglect and Termination of Parental Rights