March 19, 2014: “Trauma-Informed Care, Part 2: The Nuts and Bolts of Immigration Story Writing Intervention” (Webinar)

This webinar builds on a previous broadcast “Trauma-Informed Care: Promoting Healing While Strengthening Survivors’ Immigration Case”, which introduced the process of immigration story writing intervention – a unique technique that couples (1) a trauma-focused writing exercise, shown to reduce the psychological impact of trauma exposure, with (2) a record of the survivor’s experience of domestic violence, sexual abuse, or other qualifying traumatic event that enhances the survivor’s evidence-based immigration relief application. All registrants should review Part I prior to the second broadcast. In this sequel, presenters will offer a tested and trauma sensitive tool, helpful resources, and effective strategies to facilitate the immigration story writing intervention. The focus will be on helping advocates obtain in-depth details from survivors, identify patterns of coercive control, and promote healing as they build stronger immigration relief applications.

Last in our series of seven webinars.

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