Portland, OR (Law Enforcement & Prosecutors) – Strengthening Community and Organization Responses: Serving Immigrant Victims of Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking (October 4, 2023)


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Portland Law Enforcement & Prosecutors Training Materials List (October 4, 2023)

If you are a victim advocate, attorney, judge, or other professional working with an immigrant victim and you would like to receive case specific technical assistance on family law issues that arise in cases of immigrant crime victims, please call NIWAP (National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project) for technical assistance at (202) 274-4457 or email us at info@niwap.org.

Tools for police and prosecutors: http://niwaplibrary.wcl.american.edu/law-enforcement-training-materials/  

Tools for victim advocates and attorneys: https://niwaplibrary.wcl.american.edu/pubs/advocates-attorneys-training-materials  

Communities of Practice: NIWAP runs several Roundtables and Communities of Practice that provide opportunities for peer-to-peer learning that meet several times a year with others from across the country working in your profession serving immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and human trafficking. For each membership is limited to that profession. Please join and encourage others in your community to join: