August 2023 – Workshop 2A – Offender-Focused Prosecutions and Criminal Investigations in Cases of Immigrant Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence

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This workshop discusses how law enforcement and prosecutors can work together to prosecute offender-focused criminal cases that keep the attention of the court and the jury on the offender and how the offender targeted a vulnerable victim due to immigrant status and limited English proficiency. Strategies for Voir Dire, opening and closing statements, witness preparation, and pre-trail motions that familiarize the court with the prosecution’s case and secure favorable pretrial rulings are discussed. This workshop also demonstrates how prosecutors can embrace immigration status issues and prepare to counter defense arguments about victim credibility and motives using timelines, expert witnesses, and the introduction of prior consistent statement evidence in U-visa, T-visa, and VAWA self-petitioning cases. 


  • Jane Anderson, Senior Attorney Advisor, AEquitas
  • Investigator Michael LaRiviere, Salem Police Department, MA