May 6, 2021: “Achieving Equal Justice for Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence in Family Courts” (Webinar)

This presentation focuses on the importance of immigration status in family courts. Immigration status can profoundly affect the family dynamics and context in which many decisions involving families unfold. In families experiencing domestic violence and/or child abuse, immigration related abuse is an effective tool of, power and control that co-exists with and predicts escalation of physical and sexual abuse as it is used to silence victims and gain advantage in family court. In this workshop judges will learn how to access and apply legally correct information about immigration laws in family court cases so that courts issue unbiased and just orders, findings, and discovery rulings when parties raise or immigration status issues are present in custody, protection order, child welfare, and divorce proceedings. This presentation was featured at the Michigan Supreme Court Virtual Judicial Conference.

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Immigrant Survivors

Victims of Trauma

Immigration Law Overview for State Court Judges

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

U and T Visa Certification by Judges

Access to Public Benefits

Custody, Immigrant Survivors and Children

VAWA Confidentiality, Discovery, and Courthouse Enforcement

Child Welfare Cases Involving Immigrant Families and Children

Forms of Immigration Relief
Immigration Relief for Crime Victims and Children

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Human Trafficking 
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Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS), Child Abuse & Protective Battered Immigrant Parents

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Family Law Cases: Special Issues for Immigrant Crime Victims and Children

Family Law Service of Process


Child Development and Trauma

Securing a Detained Parent’s Participation in Court Proceedings Involving Children

Protection Orders

Economic Relief

Child Abuse, Neglect and Termination of Parental Rights

Immigrant Children and Child Welfare Proceedings 

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