*Police Executive Research Forum’s Summer 2017 Newsletter Article: “U Visas and the Role of Local Police in Preventing and Investigating Crimes Against Immigrants”

The Police Executive Research Forum’s summer 2017 newsletter,Subject to Debate, contains a wealth of information on immigration issues and is available here: https://www.policeforum.org/assets/docs/Subject_to_Debate/Debate2017/debate_2017_junaug.pdf.  With support from the Carnegie Corporation, this special issue pays particular attention to the police role in U Visas. Our article explores the potential for using the U Visa to build trust with immigrant communities and promising practices for ensuring procedural justice in the certification process.  The newsletter also includes summaries of a panel discussion on the role of police in immigration enforcement held at PERF’s 2017 Annual Meeting. For more information about Police Executive Research Forum click here.