Trauma Informed – Structured Interview Questionnaires for Immigration Cases (SIQI)(April 27, 2023) [pdf]

The following questionnaires are provided to facilitate the Trauma Informed Structured Interview, which is the second part of the Trauma Informed Immigration Story Writing Intervention Method. During the story developing session, clients are encouraged to share their story uninterrupted while advocates and attorneys listen, take notes, and watch for triggers. This tool is designed to be used during follow up interviews with clients. This Structured Interview Questionnaire for Immigration (SIQI) will aid advocates and attorneys in eliciting additional in-depth information to strengthen their client’s immigration case and will also provide a complete picture of trauma and distress endured by survivors. The questions are designed to facilitate the client’s healing and to strengthen the client’s immigration application by uncovering important details of the story by screening for additional incidents, experiences, and emotional harms that contribute to extreme cruelty and/or substantial mental or physical abuse. Attorneys and advocates should explain the goals of this session to the client before initiating the trauma informed structured interview. This 2023 version incorporates questions helpful to assessing stalking behaviors and risk factors.