Technical Assistance and Training on Legal Rights of Immigrant Crime Victims (August 17, 2023) [pdf]

This set of flyers advertise the training and technical assistance offered by NIWAP, American University, Washington College of Law to courts, judges, law enforcement officials, prosecutors, victim advocates, and attorneys working in family law, domestic violence, immigration and legal services agencies covering a wide range of topics that are important to professionals who encounter immigrant crime victims and immigrant children in their work. Trainings are designed to meet the needs of the local jurisdiction or state requesting the training and involve both NIWAP staff and a national team of experts, law enforcement, prosecutor and judicial trainers. The first page of this flyer summarizes the topics of technical assistance and training offered. This page is followed by flyers aimed at trainings for law enforcement officers, prosecutors and their victim witness staff and trainings NIWAP offers for judges and court staff.