Chapter 08: Immigration Relief for Child Sexual Assault Survivors (July 10, 2014) [pdf]

Chapter in Empowering Survivors: Legal Rights of Immigrant Victims of Sexual Assault. This chapter provides basic information on various immigration remedies available to child survivors of sexual abuse and/or assault. This chapter will cover: (1) VAWA (“Violence Against Women Act”) self-petitioning; (2) VAWA cancellation of removal and suspension of deportation; (3) Special Immigrant Juvenile status (“SIJ”); (4) U-visas/interim relief; (5) T-visas; and (6) asylum. For purposes of this chapter, a “child” is a person under the age of 21, whether married or unmarried. Please note that this chapter is designed to be a basic primer, and not a comprehensive guide, on immigration relief available to child sexual assault survivors.