Comparing VAWA Suspension of Deportation, VAWA Cancellation of Removal, VAWA Nicaraguan and Central American Relief Act (NACARA), and VAWA Self-Petitioning Chart (January 28, 2021) [pdf]

This chart provides an overview that compares the eligibility requirements, inadmissibility waivers and exclusions, and access to immigraiton relief, work authorization, lawful permanent residency, public benefits and the ability to protect include family members in the protections received between four of the forms of immigraiton relief created by the Violence Against Women Act to protect immigrant victims of spouse abuse, child abuse and elder abuse. Three of the forms of immigration relief VAWA cancellation of removal, VAWA suspension of deportation, and VAWA NACARA are applications that may only be filed in immigration court after the victim has been placed in removal, deportation or exclusion proceedings. Victims who are in removal proceedings may at the same time file VAWA self-petitions. In cases of abusive citizen spouses or parents, once the self-petition has been granted the victim can seek adjustment of status to lawful permanent residency from the immigration judge.