USCIS Memorandum: Clarification of Classes of Applicants Eligible for Naturalization under Section 319(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (January 27, 2005) [pdf]

USCIS Memorandum modifying a previous policy memorandum entitled, “Instructions Regarding the Expanded Meaning of Section 319(a)” to clarify that individuals who obtained lawful permanent residence by reason of an approved waiver of the joint filing requirement under section 216(c)(4)(C) of the INA are also eligible to apply for naturalization. This memorandum was issued January 27,2005 and modifies the October 15,2002 policy memorandum entitled,”Instructions Regarding the Expanded Meaning of Section 3 19(a)” (INS Policy Memo #89), to incorporate one additional class of qualified applicants who may claim eligibility for naturalization under section 319(a) of the INA, as amended.