April 13, 2022 Webinar: Understanding Helpfulness for U Visa Certification and the Ongoing Assistance Requirement

Webinar Description

U Visa statutes and regulations were designed to help fight crime and offer early protection for crime victims. This webinar discusses the U visa’s helpfulness requirement for certification and a crime victim’s ongoing responsibility to provide assistance in the investigation or prosecution of a qualifying crime, when reasonably requested and there is an ongoing need. Our multidisciplinary panel and subject matter expert from USCIS explore how certifying agencies can assess helpfulness, what DHS regulations require when evaluating unreasonableness. To end, we highlight the USCIS’ new 2022 U Visa Certification Resource Guide. 

Training Materials

PowerPoint Presentation

Training Materials for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors

Forms of Immigration Relief

Forms of Immigration Relief

Department of Homeland Security Policies: Important to Work with Immigrant Victims

U and T Visas



Know Your Rights Information

U Visa as a Crime-fighting Tool

Screening Tools and Collaboration

VAWA Self-Petition

Language Access

VAWA Confidentiality

Public Benefits for Systems Based and Other Victim Advocates

Prosecutor’s Tools Enhancing Work With Immigrant Crime Victims

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