What Judges, Attorneys, and Prosecutors Need to Know About How VAWA Confidentiality Impacts Discovery In Cases Involving Immigrant Survivors (October 14, 2022) [pdf]

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) confidentiality offers federal immigration law protections enacted to prevent perpetrators from learning about, interfering with, and obtaining information contained in survivors’ victim-based applications for immigration relief (VAWA, Battered Spouse Waiver, U and T visa cases). The faculty (judge, former prosecutor, family lawyer) will discuss how courts, prosecutors and attorneys should respond when offenders seek discovery of VAWA confidentiality-protected information in criminal, family, and civil court cases. Best practices for anticipating, preparing for, and addressing VAWA confidentiality discovery issues in a manner that promotes and protects victim safety and offender accountability will be highlighted.  Attendees will receive up-to-date VAWA confidentiality case law; DHS policies, and practice pointers.