CRS: Violence Against Women Act: Reauthorization, Federal Funding, and Recent Developments (January 25, 2001) [pdf]

On October 26, 2000, the President signed a five-year reauthorization of appropriations for the Violence Against Women Act, expired at the end of FY2000, together with an expansion of its programs (VAWA, Title IV of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, P.L. 103-322). On October 11, 2000, the Senate approved the conference report, H Rept 106-939, for the Sexual Trafficking Victims Protection Act (H.R. 3244/Smith, Christopher). Approved by the House on October 6, 2000, the measure contains language to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), as amended. The conference report notes that the bill reauthorizes through FY2005 the leading VAWA programs, and makes “targeted improvements,” such as authorizing grants for legal assistance for victims of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault, providing funding for transitional housing assistance, improving full faith and credit enforcement and computerized tracking of protection orders, strengthening and redefining the protections for battered immigrant women, and expanding existing grant programs to cover violence that arises in dating relationships.