CRS: Violence Against Women Act: History and Federal Funding (January 10, 2008) [pdf]

The Consolidated Appropriations Act for FY2008 (PL 110-161) provided total funding of $525.47 million for violence against women programs. The act provided $400 million for VAWA programs administered by DOJ. It also provided $125.47 million for battered women’s shelters and the national domestic violence hotline which are both administered by HHS. This reflected the mandated 1.747% spending cut for the Departments of Labor-HHA-Education. The total FY2008 budget request for VAWA programs was $54.28 million ($370 million and $176.28 to DOJ and HHS, respectively). The Revised Continuing Appropriations Resolution (PL 110-5), provided total FY2007 funding of $558.92 million ($382.57 million and 176.35 million for DOJ and HHS, respectively.)