Agenda NIWAP Boston Conference August 2023 (updated August 18, 2023) [pdf]

Final agenda for the Strengthening Community and Organizational Responses: Serving Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking in-person training that is being hosted by NIWAP, American University, Washington College of Law in Boston with two date options. August 28-29 and August 30-31, 2023. This training is for Office of Violence Against Women and STOP grantees and potential grantees.

Overview: This two-day in-person interactive training focuses on providing attorneys, law enforcement, prosecutors, and advocates strategies for strengthening their understanding of legal and victim services options for and best practices when working with immigrant survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. This training offers diverse learning experiences delivered by a faculty of multi-disciplinary subject matter experts from a wide range of legal and victim service backgrounds including judges, law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, and attorneys. Immigrant victim related training topics will include: stalking; immigration, public benefits, and family law case options, case strategies, and advanced issues; prosecution best practices; primary aggressor determinations; VAWA confidentiality and discovery; police officers as witnesses; multi-disciplinary collaboration; effective outreach; and improving language access. Participants will learn and share practices and strategies to improve immigrant victim safety, increase participation in the justice system, and enhance community safety.

Participants: Each training session is open to attorneys, advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim witness staff from agencies with funding from OVW including STOP subgrantees, Legal Assistance for Victims (LAV), Campus, Culturally Specific Services Program (CSSP), Rural, and Improving Criminal Justice Response (ICJR). All other grantees and grant funded partner agencies must receive prior approval from their OVW Program Specialist to attend. Law enforcement (federal, state, local, and campus), prosecutors, and their agency’s victim witness specialists are invited to attend regardless of funding sources.