Domestic Violence & Immigration: Applying the Immigrant Provisions of the Violence Against Women Act (Sept. 8, 2000) – ABA Manual [pdf]

This manual will provide you with the information you will need to (1) understand the issues that face immigrant victims of domestic violence; (2) help immigrant victims to prepare for VAWA immigration cases including the VAWA self-petition, the battered spouse waiver, VAWA cancellation of removal, applications for work authorization as a VAWA self-petitioner, and applications for lawful permanent residency; (3) includes instructions on how to prove battering or extreme cruelty, good faith marriage, good moral character and use VAWA’s any credible evidence rules. 4) is discusses protection orders, custody and economic relief for immigrant survivors, and 5) will help develop training sessions in your local community on the issues presented in this manual. The material presented in this manual is appropriate for both attorneys and advocates who work with immigrant victims of domestic violence.