*Legislative Proposals That Benefit Immigrant Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence and Child Abuse 2021

In 2012 Representative Jan Schakowsky introduces HR 5331 which contained a broad number of legislative amendments designed to improve legal options, protections and services available to help immigrant survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, stalking, human trafficking and other crimes. Some of the provisions contained in HR 5331 became law as part of the Violence Against Women Act of 2013.

This page provides an interlineated version of HR 5331 and a section-by-section analysis of the important provisions contained in the bill. The section-by section document contains a detailed table of contents that provides an outline of the legislative reforms contained in HR 5331. There are also other legislative reforms that today are urgently needed by immigrant survivors that are in addition to the HR 5331 protections that legislators should also consider passing in the future. These proposals along with draft legislative language are included in the final document linked on this page.