U Visa Certifications, T visa Declarations, and Continued Presence: Range of Potential Certifiers at the Local, State, and Federal Government Levels (December 30, 2021) [pdf]

This publication explores the range of potential certifiers whom judges should be aware of who can sign U visa and T visa certification in the court’s jurisdiction with whom the court can play a leadership role in encouraging certification by all authorized agencies. This helps attorneys and advocates working with immigrant victims identify the full range of authorized certifiers in any particular case to whom they can turn for certification. This document connects readers to training manuals for judges, law enforcement, prosecutors and Adult Protective Services agency staff that provide an overview of the U and T visa programs and detailed questions and answers for certifying agencies, and for judges who want to learn more about U and T visa certification. Additionally, this publication describes the availability of continued presence as an important option for immigrant victims of human trafficking offering protection soon after a trafficking victim has been identified that is available to human trafficking victims who could be potential witnesses in trafficking investigations or prosecutions. This document provides links to DHS publications on these subjects.