U Visa Law Enforcement Resource Guide (February 28, 2022) [pdf]

U Visa Law Enforcement Resource Guide for Certifying Agencies including Judges, law enforcement, prosecutors, Child and Adult protective services, federal and state Departments of Labor and other state, local and federal government agencies.
USCIS, the federal agency tasked with the adjudication of U visa petitions, announces today the publication of an updated U Visa Law Enforcement Resource Guide. This guide provides certifying officials, including law enforcement, with best practices for the U visa certification process, emphasizes that completing the Supplement B is consistent with a victim-centered approach, and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of certifying agencies in the U visa program.
Highlights of the guide include:
• The U visa law enforcement certification process;
• Best practices for certifying agencies;
• U Visa Quick Reference Guide;
• Outline of the U visa adjudication process;
• Responses to frequently asked questions; and
• Additional resources for certifying agencies and officials, including information for other DHS personnel on U visas.