Transforming Lives: How the VAWA Self-Petition and U Visa Change the Lives of Survivors and Their Children After Employment Authorization and Legal Immigration Status (June 8, 2021) [pdf]

Full research report from national survey in which 169 agencies working with over 11,000 immigrant survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking and other criminal activities reported on how as survivors move through the immigration case process of filing for VAWA and U visa immigration relief, the lives of immigrant survivors and their children transform. This survey documents that after receipt of work authorization and formal protection from deportation through deferred action, the lives of immigrant victims and children improve exponentially. This research documents survivors’ resilience, and the stability and strength they are able to achieve when the fear of deportation subsides, victims can access better and more stable jobs, and have access to a wide range of victims services and public benefits. The executive summary of this report prepared for DHS is here: and the abstract, conclusions and recommendations is available here