Rosario v. Holder (May 10 2010) US Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit [pdf]

Rosario v. Holder (May 10 2010) US Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit. National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women respectfully moves pursuant to Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure for 29 for leave to file an amicus brief in support of Appellant Josefa Rosario. Client placed in removal proceedings, concedes removability and applies for VAWA Cancellation of Removal. IJ denies cancellation based on finding that there is not substantial evidence of battery to the extent envisioned by the statute and not substantial evidence of extreme hardship. BIA affirms IJ. The decision was wrong because the IJ ignored an analysis of extreme cruelty completely and even though Ms. Rosario and her witness were found to be credible – focused on the lack of police reports and medical records – thereby holding her to a standard higher than the any credible evidence standard. Battery and extreme cruelty are non-discretionary determinations that can be reviewed by that court. Ms. Rosario has now filed brief with 2nd Circuit.